Val Toch - Artport 07Val Toch - Artport 07

Artport residency
Year: 2012 - 2014

An identity for diverse voices

Artport was the first fully paid residency program with accommodation for artists in Tel-Aviv, initiated by the Ted Arison Foundation. For the launch they needed to attract the best talent from around the world and establish their reputation within the art scene. The identity needed to be inclusive, work with the content but never owning the artists or their works, plus it needed to communicate in Hebrew, English and Arabic.

Insight was based on Time and Space which make the essence of a residency - giving artists time to create and the space to create in. A trilingual identity was the biggest challenge which then became the solution: I created a bespoke typeface with similar characteristics in Hebrew and English, and coupled them with a matching Arabic typface. Time and space were the values that connected it together.


Val Toch - Artport 01Val Toch - Artport 01
Val Toch - Artport 13Val Toch - Artport 13
Val Toch - Artport 03Val Toch - Artport 03
Val Toch - Artport 06Val Toch - Artport 06
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