Val Toch - Cellcom 01Val Toch - Cellcom 01

Cellcom rebrand
Agency: Research Studios
Year: 2007 – 2008

Rebranding a national leader

I was lucky to take part as a senior designer in the re-branding and redefining of Cellcom – Israel leading mobile provider. We were given the task of rebranding and designing the new public and corporate identity as well as complete re-think of the website. We redefined the logo so it could work across all medias and applications, and expanded the brand palette with a vibrant and youthful colour system. We then worked on all visual applications and guidelines for both the public and corporate channels.

As well as external impact, the re-brand has had a positive internal effect, helping Cellcom shift itself from a large and mostly monotone corporation, into a more open, expressive and design-lead company. Nine years after completion, the brand is still going strong today, opening new business possibilities in content and TV.

The website has won the Webi Award Winner of the 2009 for best site in the Cellular category.


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