Year: 2011

Branding green

How do you stay current when every other company is jumping on the green agenda which you have helped establishing? What does it mean to be a Green brand today?

The good people at Greentv were tired of the colour green itself – the brand was dated and not loved by the team. My brief was to create a new logo and brand guidelines, but to succeed my job was to help GreenTV fall in love with it again.

We started by simplifying the name into so users could easily find the website. I then created a bold and memorable mark that could work across different sizes and medias, together with a visual system that could accommodate different types of content. We then implemented the new thinking into all channels: Broadcast, desktop, mobile apps and third party channels.

Val Toch - GreenTV_08_sonyVal Toch - GreenTV_08_sony
Val Toch - GreenTV 02Val Toch - GreenTV 02
Val Toch - GreenTV 07Val Toch - GreenTV 07
Val Toch - GreenTV 06Val Toch - GreenTV 06
Val Toch - GreenTV 05Val Toch - GreenTV 05