Geoetric, Sans-Serif

Brono was born while researching the difference between printed and screen mediums and the nature of those differences: Projected light as opposed to Illuminated light.

On screen light travels from behind the letters, through the forms that make the typeface. In it’s way it distorts and changes both the actual and the perceived shapes.

This distortion requires additional optical corrections. Brono takes all this in mind in it’s design. Proportions, contrast and using traditional ink traps as light traps have all been designed for better legibility.

Wide, Geoetric, Sans-Serif

Beiber is a wide, geometric typeface that was born as a companion to Brono. Inspired by early 20th century modernist typography, Beiber is constructed from simple geometric shapes. Exceptionaly wide, it retains a unique and calming character.